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Trends & Fashion.

Trends & Fashion.

  • Fill the mind with right information.
  • Female image / male image.
  • Tendencies, movements and subcultures.
  • Editorial & Ready to wear.
  • History, present, future. Research and benefit from different time images.
Product Knowledge.

Product Knowledge.

  • The concept of the product. (For whom it is made)
  • General knowledge of products. (correct name)
  • The characteristics and effects of products.
  • Product benefits.
  • How to use and combinations in use.
  • Extremes. (the effect of excessive use)
Hair texture / structure and scalp knowledge.

Hair texture / structure and scalp knowledge.

  • The foundation on which we base the creation and shaping of hair.
  • Differences and miscellaneous within hairtexture and structure.
  • Manipulating hair.
  • Scalp condition.
Cutting techniques.

Cutting techniques.

  • Proper provision of lines, graduations and kind of technique.
  • Freedom in design of any look by a wide range of knowledge in various techniques.
  • The combination of: being technically savvy, creativity and understanding ensures the right result for each structure and drape of hair.
Color techniques.

Color techniques.

  • Enhance and reinforce colors by right choices:
  • Diversity (colour choice)
  • Method of application. (technique)
  • Placement. (where)
  • Knowledge in the field of placement and the effect of various applications is the foundation to provide right shading in any result.
  • Creative freedom in applying shading, depth, highs and lows to enrich a look.
Color theory.

Color theory.

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary colors.
  • Knowledge to respond to each history and foundation of natural or artificial pigments.
  • Insights into the various external factors which play a role in making diagnoses.
  • Knowing rules and knowing how to break them.
  • Color the hair as healthy as possible.
Blowdry & setting techniques.

Blowdry & setting techniques.

  • The base of each result.
  • Saying goodbye to gravity.
  • The first styling basic which must be mastered to perfection.
Finishing techniques.

Finishing techniques.

  • Experience, insight and flavor.
  • Feeling and attention for detail.
  • Proper product use.
Use of tools and equipment.

Use of tools and equipment.

  • Frequent use ensures ease of use and creative freedom.
  • Knowing the limitations and qualities of any tool.
  • Extensive possibilities and tool kit.
Creating new and innovative techniques.

Creating new and innovative techniques.

  • Use existing knowledge to create new possibilities.
  • Translating existing techniques.
  • Creativity in skills.
  • Trigger innovation.
  • Personalisation: avoid imitation, create your own style.
Creating a total look.

Creating a total look.

  • Understanding lifestyle / identity.
  • Linking various elements.
  • Linking to other facets like styling, make-up, photography.


  • Active listening.
  • Summarize.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Dealing with resistance.
  • Taking initiatives: give and take.
Time management.

Time management.

  • Drive and decision skills.
  • Organization skills.
  • Systematic support + convey how most to limit time pressure effectively.
  • Routines and grinding methods.
  • Set priorities. Short & long term vision and quality standards and values.
Social skills.

Social skills.

  • Empathetic skills: emotion and empathy.
  • Politeness.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Request and provide respect.
  • Give and respond to compliments.
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